Center for Research on the Ecology and Evolution of Diseas

Scientific research centre brings together several researchers around the world

Scientists analyze living bodies, bacteria and their transfer

Researchers' work sheds light on the transmission of diseases between animals

A public body, the CREES Montpellier Ecology Evolution Diseases carries out multidisciplinary research

The mission of Centre Research Ecology Evolution Diseases Montpellier is to advance science by providing knowledge from field analyzes

The knowledge and the grouping of the experimental data makes it possible to better understand the phenomena of disease transmission

The objective remains the development of vaccines against new diseases and today Covid 19

The annual activity report is used to inform the scientific community about the work and research in progress

Researchers from CREES Montpellier Disease Ecology are at the service of research by going beyond borders

The crees of Montpellier analyzes biology, particles and viruses in animals

The man is his society are the themes that drive the research of CREES Montpellier Infectious Diseases

Ecology and environment are the key words of researchers from the Centre Research Ecology Evolution Diseases

Researchers at CREES Montpellier Infectious Diseases should use their knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry to carry out their research

Researchers are focused on the sciences of tomorrow

The CREES Montpellier Ecology Evolution Diseases has joined forces with universities to provide them with assistance in the field of scientific research

Researchers from CREES Montpellier Infectious Diseases are international players in all countries

The creeds disseminate their knowledge to their scientific meetings

Many writings or websites allow the Montpellier crees to transmit their conclusions on research on viruses

The Centre Research Ecology Evolution Diseases believes that we are in an unprecedented climate change wedge, research has its place

Two crises are ahead and are essential, that of ecology and that of the health crisis that is hitting us

A mass extinction of biodiversity all over the planet which affects all animals, this is the fear of the Ecology Evolution Infectious Diseases

An emergence of serious pathogens requires highly developed research by our researchers Ecology Evolution Infectious Diseases

Ecosystems are greatly threatened, our researchers from CREES Montpellier Infectious Diseases are increasing their analytical work

This change favors certain animal spaces, others which do not offer enough resistance disappear.

In this context, CREES Montpellier Ecology Evolution Diseases strengthens its knowledge allowing the implementation of methods to manage these crises.

Research is developed in close agreement with ecologists, expert biologists from CREES Montpellier Disease Ecology

Collaborations are supported between all researchers, environmentalists, veterinarians, biologists

During congresses, information is disseminated by Centre Research Ecology Evolution Diseases Montpellier by the press highlighting research advances

Ecological sciences go far beyond the contact of infectious diseases encountered throughout the world, Ecology Evolution Infectious Diseases

The evolution of medicine is closely linked to the conclusions of environmental and ecological research delivered by CREES Montpellier Infectious Diseases

Crees' research axes are essentially the evolution of the science of ecosystems and diseases

Experiments and trials allow us to make progress and improve our knowledge of the evolution of man

In order to progress, it is necessary to combine the technique of environmental analysis with scientific knowledge

The CREES Montpellier Ecology Evolution Diseases Montpellier team are on the ground to carry out all the analyzes and cross-checking of observations.

The philosophy of Crees is above all to advance science by observing and analyzing the environment

Specialized laboratories allow all kinds of ecological analyzes to be carried out in real time

Researchers show great autonomy to ensure the development of scientific results

Funds are allocated to CREES Montpellier Disease Ecology in order to fully invest in high-level scientific approaches

Our teams at the Centre Research Ecology Evolution Diseases try to understand the transmission of diseases in animals in order to control the contamination process

Controlling the transfer of infectious diseases helps advance science for humans

We have different programs focused on the ecology and transmission of viral or microbial diseases

Our teams from Crees, Ecology Evolution Health Research Centre crisscross Central Africa to analyze animal behavior and the chain of disease transmission

The new viruses are the subject of special attention by our researchers at CREES Montpellier Ecology Evolution Diseases motivated by Ecology Evolution Infectious Diseases

The Covid 19 virus is also in the sights of our researchers to consider a vaccine

The ecology and evolution of parasites represent the axes of analysis of our researchers at CREES Montpellier Infectious Diseases

Research is directed towards the link that exists between living organisms and new viruses.

Our teams from CREES Montpellier Ecology Evolution Diseases Montpellier are motivated to maintain scientific regulatory watch by combining mathematics and physics

Any environmental change is subject to a deep analysis of ecology and pests

Each virus lifestyle is analyzed and classified in order to better understand their evolution and how to treat them, this is the objective of CREES Montpellier Disease Ecology


Centre for Research on the Ecology and Evolution of DiseaSes



An ecological and evolutionary perspective to disease is vital for tackling our most urgent human, animal and plant health challenges, including the emergence and evolution of new infectious agents.

The Centre for Research on the Ecology and Evolution of Diseases (CREES) is an umbrella structure uniting scientists from different research institutes in Montpellier, a leading site for ecology and evolution research in France and a major hub for health sciences in Europe.

CREES researchers are focused on deciphering the fundamental ecological and evolutionary processes that drive disease in humans, wildlife, domestic animals and plants. We also work on the application of this research in clinical, veterinary and agricultural contexts. We aim to capture a diversity of approaches and model systems and to promote exchanges among disciplines.


June 2021

EEID 2021 Montpellier

The 18th Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases meeting will take place on-line from June 14th to 17th.

Registration is free, but don't miss the June 7th deadline !

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April 2021

Fourth 'Journée Scientifique'

Our 4th JS took place (virtually) on the April 12th and focused on the Ecology and Evolution of Cancer  with great talks by Frédéric Thomas(An introduction), Orsolya Vincze (Peto's paradox & comparative analyses),Justine Boutry(Cancer & biotic interactions in ecosystems), and Sophia Belkir/Benjamin Roche (Adaptive therapy)

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research-campaigns-of-the-center-created-montpellier-in-the-world-survey-situation-contamination CREES Montpellier Infectious Diseases


The CREES focuses on the ecological and evolutionary factors and processes underlying disease and disease transmission.
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team-of-researchers-of-crees-montpellier-participation-academie-scientists CREES Montpellier Ecology Evolution Diseases


The CREES includes research staff employed by the CNRS, IRD and the University of Montpellier.

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join-the-scientific-research-center-of-the-created-located-in-montpellier CREES Montpellier Disease Ecology


The CREES is a dynamic research environment. Join us!

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The CREES members contribute actively to research training and education at all academic levels.

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